Update on the Fire on 17.07:

Tuesday night before the fire, two people were in the camp emptying our fire extinguishers, opening a gas bottle and taking climbing gear with them.
At 8:25 pm, an activist found our kitchen and barricade burning.
The fire department was informed and prevented a major forest fire.
Both we, as well as the fire department and police assume arson.

Meanwhile, we have already sorted out the remnants of our kitchen. Several boxes of broken glasses and paper have been taken away by a supporter.
The kitchen and the space in front of it were our most important ground areas; apart from cooking, they also served as a space for getting together.
Therefore, in addition to dishes, cooking utensils and food, there were many personal items, such as books, letters and instruments in the kitchen.
Also, most of the first aid material was there.
Except for a few pots, everything that was in the kitchen and in front of it was destroyed by the fire. A new kitchen is already in planning and we would be happy to receive support!

Come and join us with a shovel, donation, or just to show solidarity.

You can find a donation list here:
Mach mit! | Join in!

We would really be thankful for the following urgently needed donations:

Water Cans (eg. 20L)
Pickaxes / Shovels / Spade
Stovetop / Oven
Light / Lamps / Light Chains
First Aid material
Anti-mosquito (for example mosquito lotion)

We are not conquered, and we will never give up loving and fighting!